Painless Hip Replacement Technique

It common to have fear for any patient going for surgery. Main fear is of postoperative pain. We now have a new technique which can make a surgery like a shopping in Mall. We have a specialized pain management team with us who care for all your pain management postoperatively. We use epidural catheter during surgery which was then connected to continuous irrigation pump from which the local anesthetic drug flows. The best part is that only sensory part is blocked through the calculative drugs and motor part is unaffected..That is patient will not sense of pain in operative limb but at the same the same time he or she will be able to move his or her limb at the same time.

Secondary ,we may use nerve blocks in which a sonography machine is used by the anesthesiologist to locate the nerves which would conduct the painful stimuli from the surgical site. Once the nerve is localized it is blocked by injecting a powerful local anesthetic drug.this then is connected to a pump. This pump delivers the same local anesthetic continuously in the same way as in epidural pumps.

There is decreased risk of infection and most of the patients go home in 4 days time. Most of the surgeries are done under these blocks now and hence always ask your surgeon before you are going for surgery for a block.