My name is Ramchander and I am 24 years old male. I live in Lucknow. I was having bone tumour around my left knee joint. I had consulted many surgeons but everybody told that my knee will be fused after surgery . Then I heard about Dr Uttam Garg and he did my knee surgery six years back. Today I am alright and have full knee movement without any pain. I am very grateful to him because of him I am enjoying my life fully.


I am Aditya Vijay Singh and my age is 18 years. I live in Lucknow . I was having pain and swelling in my left knee since 2 years. I was diagnosed as cartillage loss of my femoral bone . I was operated by Dr Uttam Garg ,who did cartillage transplant by arthroscopic technique. Now I am fine and can do my sports activities without any pain and swelling.

Aditya Vijay Singh

I am Suman Gupta from Rishikesh and I am 72 years old. I was having severe Osteoarthritis of both knees, I was unable to walk for last 2 years. Then I got operated by Dr Uttam Garg and my knees were replaced about 4 years ago. Now I can walk comfortably without any support and can climb stairs without any pain.

Suman Gupta