Knee Replacement

Other Surgery


A 47 years old sustained injury to his right shoulder and his head of the humerus was shattered .His shoulder joint was replaced and now he is moving his soulder painfree and doing all his work normally.

   Total Elbow Replacement

Mr. Ved Prakash ,50 years old male from Lucknow district was presented with 3 months old non union of Intercondylar fracture humerus of his right elbow. The Elbow was replaced . Now patient is fine.

   Tumor Surgery - GCT Of Lower End Of The Radius

30 years old lady was suffering from Giant Cell Tumour of the lower end of the radius. Her tumour was excised and bone loss was replaced with the bone graft ,taken from the upper end of the fibula about 7 years ago. Now she is fine and doing all of the work with her same hand. There is still no recurrence.

   Elbow Injury- Inter-Condylar Fracture Of The Humberus

Mr Ramchandra, 24 years old male was having Gaint Cell Tumor of the lateral condyle of left femur for past four years prior to surgery. The whole of the tumor was excised and the joint was reconstructed with the help of bone graft and bone cement about 5 years ago. Now patient is completely cured and having full movement at his knee joint. Also watch videos after surgery by clicking below link

   Congenital Deformity Correction-CTEV

Five years old Shyam , from Hardoi, UP ,was having congenital deformity in his right foot (CTEV) . He underwent for deformity correction about 5 years ago, now he is completely cured.

   Ilizarov Method

Mr. Rajendra,25 years old male from Lucknow district was presented with Infected non union of right Tibia with 3 inch bone loss. He was treated with ilizarav external fixator and bone lengthening was done. Now bone is united and there is no limb length discrepancy also.

   HIP INJURY- Fracture Intertrochanteric Femur-

Intertrochanteric fracture fixed with DHS .